Children and Youth are our future

Currently in Uganda, the population under twenty years old is increasing.  The number of orphans in the country is estimated to exceed two million.  Many children have lost one or both parents to HIV.  At Volset, one of our primary focuses is the education and care of children and youth.

We feel strongly about creating self-sustainability in our community and provide career guidance to those who are in our care.  We have our own tailoring workshop where we train young people and encourage them to develop skills that they can take with them into the future.

We have a sponsorship program for children and orphans. 

This program encompasses sponsored children both in Mukono and Nakaseke districts. Through lobbying funds from international volunteers, Volset currently sponsors almost 50 children both in primary and secondary schools. Among these, ten are mentored at the Volset house.

These children receive psycho-social, moral and spiritual support from both local and international volunteers.

Beside sponsorship, we accessed a reading room for the children in our care and volunteers have donated treated mosquito nets for their beds as well as installing a solar power system at Volset House to enable the children to utilize their time effectively by having evening study.

We are currently supporting the “Future Diplomats Education Centre”; a progressive school for local children whose parents want their children to have a better education in a smaller classroom setting with a low teacher/student ratio. They are taught 80% of their curriculum in English and the school emphasizes the importance of continuing education and the development of self-sustainability for each individual and for their community.



Dear Sponsor/Donor,

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child here in Uganda.  Needy and orphaned children can embark on a new life and make a difference in the world due to your generous donation/support

We have two Sponsorship Programs for the children in our care

 1. Direct sponsorship:

Sponsors may choose to sponsor an individual child.  This sponsorship would include enough money for food, accommodation and education.  We do recommend that our direct sponsors create an ongoing, long-term relationship with the child.

We have a number of children on our waiting list who are looking for sponsors; many are orphans and all of them live in situations in which caregivers cannot afford education. Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring one of the children

2. Common Basket:

Sponsors may choose to send money to a ‘common account’ which is not attached to a particular child.  As a sponsor, you are welcome to name the area or project for which you would like the donation to be used. We recommend the Common Basket for those who can not commit to full time sponsorship at this time.

Any funds sent to VOLSET will be receipted, and acknowledgment with a letter sent to the sponsor/donor.

To sponsor a child or give a donation; Send us an email to



call us at 

+256 716 539 100

+256 772 539 200

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