The Voluntary Services Trust Team (Nakaseke) aims to alleviate human suffering caused by HIV and AIDS through promoting healthy living with rural and under-served communities in Nakaseke District.


·      To provide opportunity to needy and orphaned children, especially those living with HIV and AIDS, to acquire holistic education, care and treatment.

·      To create awareness on health issues, in particular HIV and AIDS, amongst the youth living in isolated rural and underprivileged communities.

·      To develop sustainable IGA's with community stakeholders to support those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Thanks to 

US Peace Corps


Beth Phillips Nantume 


The Voluntary Services Trust Team (VOLSET) Nakaseke program, a community-based organization (CBO) founded in Nakaseke in 1997, works to alleviate the socio-economic and health insecurities created by war and the HIV epidemic in this rural area.  During the past year, VOLSET spread-headed the establishment of Nakaseke Paediatrics HIV and AIDS Network, expanded its health education programs, and started its own income-generating activity. To accomplish the activities in these areas VOLSET collaborated with several local, national and international stakeholders, namely Nakaseke District Hospital, World Vision, Joint Council for Research Centre (JCRC), Nakaseke Parishes and Town Councils, US Peace Corps, Nakaseke Telecentre, American Embassy, Jesus is Lord Complex, Nakaseke Secondary and Primary Schools, NACODI, and Straight Talk Foundation. The following report summarizes the main projects and their activities, outcomes and related costs which VOLSET carried out during 2009. After-wards it summarizes the major achievements and challenges, and then maps out our year plan for 2010.



Activity 1: Kicking Out HIV in Nakaseke: Life Skills Training at Primary Schools

This VOLSET initiative, “Kicking out HIV”: Sports and Health Education in Nakaseke, collaborated with local primary schools to use sports to reduce (“kick out/throw out”) the HIV/AIDS rate by encouraging young people to explore issues related to health and sex.

Outcome 1:

This past year VOLSET expanded this project to four more primary schools in Nakaseke and Kasangombe Sub counties at P6 level, where we held sessions on HIV and AIDS, self-esteem, leadership and other life skill topics.  A total of 347 students participated in the program, wrote final exams, produced showcases for their respective Speech Days, and received certificates for their successful completion of the course.

Activity 2: Girls Football Empowerment Clubs

VOLSET sports volunteers collaborated with four secondary schools in Nakaseke Sub County to start and support girls football teams as a way to empower young women.  VOLSET met with these teams three times a week with over 75 girls aged 13-20 years, to train in football skills and discuss topics on family planning, safe sex, STDs, and teamwork.

Outcome 2: Two new girls football teams were formed at Christ the Rock SSS and Mazzoldi College. The two other teams from 2008 (at SDA SSS and International College) grew in number. The teams organized friendly matches amongst themselves and the girls became more confident in themselves as leaders and sports players.

Activity 3: Mix It Up Sports Tournament

2009 saw the continuation and expansion of our annual Mix-It-Up Sports Tournament. VOLSET organized two of these tournaments: one during the Easter Holiday and one on Independence Day. Held in Nakaseke and organized by Through the playing of sports traditionally open to only one gender and holding lively radio-show debates and discussions leading up to the tournaments, VOLSET and its partners brought together schools, community members and health and government leaders to highlight how gender expectations influence the spread of HIV in Uganda

Outcome 3: Attended by over 1000 people, these events focused on gender awareness and its links to HIV with girls playing football and boys playing netball.  Sixteen different teams from four schools participated in the events. Sports – football and netball – and dramas encouraged discussion on the role of gender and how it shapes our behaviours which can put us at risk for HIV.


Activity 1: Nakaseke Paediatrics HIV and AIDS Support Network

This past year VOLSET Health Officers collaborated with Nakaseke Hospital, JCRC, NACODI, and World Vision to establish the Paediatrics HIV and AIDS Support Network. As part of this network, VOLSET volunteers meet monthly to provide a fun, safe space for children living with HIV and AIDS to learn about HIV, how to take their medicines and how to deal with stigma and sadness.  In addition to these “fun days,” VOLSET established a formal partnership between VOLSET, JCRC, World Vision, and Nakaseke Hospital all of whom signed a memorandum of understanding.  This partnership provides for the medical assessment and treatment of children living with HIV and AIDS in Nakaseke District.  VOLSET organizes the transport, facilitates the above-mentioned fun days, and provides home-base care, while World Vision caters for transport costs, JCRC provides clinical assessment and treatment, and the hospital assists with identification and monitoring of the children.

Outcome 1: Thus far through this network, 59 children and their guardians received monthly medical, psycho-social, and nutritional support and home-base care. More specifically, 14 children are on anti-retroviral medicines and another 45 are regularly screened for CD4 level-status and more children continue to be identified by the partners and general community for check-ups and referrals.


Activity 2: Raise Chickens to Raise the Health of Nakaseke

VOLSET drafted and applied for funding from the Peace Corps VAST Program and the American Embassy’s Self Help Program for a poultry income-generation activity. Both agencies funded the project. Through their combined support and member donations VOLSET successfully built a three-room, permanent chicken house, hired an experienced caretaker, liaised with local poultry farmers, assessed the market, and then started its own poultry rearing project.

Outcome: VOLSET has currently earned approximately 1 million UGX since October 2009 when it purchased its initial batch of 150 layers. It currently rears over 200 broilers and 250 layers. It aims to increase to 1000 layers by the end of 2010 in order to generate enough profit to both sustain the poultry project and to make VOLSET’s community health initiatives more donor-independent.





Activity 3: Kickin’ Out HIV: HIV Awareness through Sports Education

World Vision sub-granted VOLSET to carry out “Kickin’ Out HIV:” HIV Awareness Through Sports Education. The aim of the three-day training was to educate youth leaders from Kasangombe and Nakaseke Sub-Counties on new, innovative ways to talk to their peers about HIV and reproductive health.

Outcome 3: The three-day-session, held at Jesus is Lord Complex saw 30 youth leaders from 7 secondary schools (Nakaseke SDA SSS, Christ the Rock SSS, International College, Mazzoldi College, Timuna SSS, Kasangombe SS, and PTC) trained in leadership skills, the biology of HIV and AIDS, and team-building exercises. The participants have now implemented this new information and corresponding activities in their own health clubs, as monitored and supported by VOLSET.




Funding Source



Kickin’ Out HIV: Life Skills Training at Primary Schools

VAST and member support.

1,640,000 UGX

1.2 Million UGX -  stationary, craft materials, copies of exams for 400 pupils

80,000 UGX – transport to various schools

360,000 UGX – facilitation fee

Raise Chickens to Raise Health of Nakaseke

Member and VAST contributions

14.1 Million UGX

13.1 Million – building of chicken house, purchase of chicks, feeds, medicines, labour, etc

Paediatrics HIV and AIDS Support Network

JCRC, World Vision

905,000 UGX

905,000 –total transport costs to Kasana (March 2009-February 2010) for clients and their guardians

Girls Football Clubs

VOLSET member donation



Kickin’ Out HIV: HIV Awareness Through Sports

Sub-granted by World Vision

2,670,000 UGX

180,000 UGX – transport costs

815,000 UGX – catering costs

225,000 UGX – stationeries

850,000 UGX – sports equipment

Mix it Up Sports


Membership donation and VAST General Grant

1,750,000 UGX

800,000 UGX – catering, sound system, field prep, referees, etc

950,000 UGX – sport equipment

Office Administration

VOLSET Committee


120,000 UGX – Rent for 1 year



21,065,000 UGX

19,585,000 UGX


PROFIT EARNED FOR 2009 FY : 1,480,000 UGX

MAJOR CHALLENGES encountered by VOLSET during 2009:

·   Lack of funds to accomplish all our programmes as an organization

·   Lack of office equipment and electricity in office

·   Lack of a paid staff member at VOLSET

·   Insufficient number of volunteer and members

·   Lack of member support

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS experienced by VOLSET during 2009:

·      Paid office rent for 2009

·      Developed two new Straight Talk Clubs in Nakaseke

·      Started two new girls football teams at secondary level

·      Organized, facilitated, reported on, and evaluated the “Kickin' Out HIV: HIV Awareness through Sports” Training for 30 secondary school youth leaders.

·      Conducted two Mix It Up Tournaments on Easter and Independence Day at which over 1000 people learned about how gender inequalities contribute to the spread of HIV

·      347 students successfully completed VOLSET’s "Kicking Out HIV: Like Skills Program"

·      Spearheaded the Paediatrics HIV and AIDS Support Network, a group for children living with HIV in Nakaseke to receive medical and psycho-social support.


Rebecca Nyanzi Hope                                                           Beth Phillips Nantume

VOLSET Health Officer                                                        US Peace Corps Volunteer




Egessa Abraham

VOLSET Chairman-Nakaseke.

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